Virtual Processing

Do the Entire Multi-axis Machining on Your Computer

In 5-axis machining, the movement of machine tools is complicated, and the machining process is not intuitive and difficult to predict collisions between spindle and fixture, spindle and rotary table, tool holder and workpiece. Jingdiao virtual processing technology constructs the same digital scene in CAD/CAM software, simulating the entire process and eliminates the risk of collision at programming stage to guarantee the safety of 5-axis machining.


Digitization of machining factors

Actual Environmen

Machine tools

Software Side

Machine tools libarary

Avoidance of collisions due to exact same virtual machining environment as real world

Actual Environmen

Process optimization in software




Tool Length

Whole process simulation


Actual Process

NC output foolproof

Path Process Control


Size: Ø350×286mm

Material: 7075-T6 Al

Cycle Time: 16h

249 blades machined

Length diameter ratio of tools reach 14:1

Closest distance between bottom of tool holder and blade is 1mm

Dynamic imbalance < 0.6gmm