JDSoft SurfMill

JDSoft SurfMill

Precision CAD/CAM Software for 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis Machining

Get a high-precision machine tool is the first step to process good-quality workpiece. But how to avoid unpredictable dangers especially in complicated 5-axis machining, how to get high-quality products, how to improve machining efficiency to shorten downtime. These are what Jingdiao CAD/CAM software, SurfMill can help you with.SurfMill is universal CAD/CAM software based on surface modeling. It has comprehensive functions that are capable of providing you more reliable, more qualified, and more continuous processing strategy.


Reliable Machining Through Optimizing Processing with SurfMill

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Through introducing virtual processing technology to SurfMill, you can get worry-free process by simulating the whole 5-axis machining on your computer. What’s more important is that you can also optimize the 5-axis process on your computer according to the simulation result so that problems in trial cutting and process adjusting can be avoided.


High-quality Products by Using Specialized Module in SurfMill

SurfMill plays an important role in obtaining high-quality processing result as some problems can only be optimized and solved in software, such as machining path in higher accuracy, using specified direction of tools to cut, and some functions aiming for specialized industries.


Continuous Processing with On-machine Measurement Functions in SurfMill

In SurfMill, you can design on-machine measurement strategy just like programming cutting path, as there are not only functions for creating and editing probing path based on features, but also capable of generating measurement coordinate according to some simple instructions. Data that’s collected in machine tools can be imported into SurfMill to analyze. Thus you can reduce or even eliminate manual participant in certain links of processing, such as workpiece alignment, error analysis.