JDSoft ArtForm

JDSoft ArtForm

Work Like an Artisan with
Jingdiao Virtual Sculpting Software

The original intention of developing ArtForm is to help people who’s interested in designing sculpture and processing artwork, to build, modify and decorate artistic 3D objects conveniently. Based on its main characteristics, relief and cylinder model design, you can make your creativity a reality.




Continuous processing due to big data calculation capability of ArtForm


Featured functions make operation convenient and efficient


Mesh surface modeling achieves higher precision


Display virtual sculpture process realistically

2D Relief Model and Design

ArtForm simulates manual sculpting process which starts with 2D sketch and goes through coloring, stamping, removing material and polishing on a flat plate.


Create, modify, embellish relief surface and interactively change the height of areas passed by sculpting tools.


Various stacking and removing material functions can be controlled manually or set by parameters.

Detail Modifying

Use compact mesh surface to depict the details of model accurately.

Generate Complicated 3D Model with ArtForm

You can give full play to your creativity with a series of powerful and easy-use model functions, such as parting line auto extraction, parting line manual edition, parting surfaces generation.

Magic Ball

Quick construction of basic mesh model with magic ball.

Boolean Calculation

Boolean calculation between mesh models is available and makes the model construction more convenient.

Hole-filling Tools

Fast modify the damaged surface on mesh model.

Mesh Reconstruction

Mesh reconstruction creates mesh models which meet the requirements of manifold.

Reverse Engineering Improves 3D Modeling Efficiency

Reverse engineering module possesses complete solution from point cloud to precise model. Working with Jingdiao 3D Scanning System, scanned data can be input directly, merged and modified into a complete 3D model.